Walpole Wood Workers
We are Pleased to be an
authorized Walpole Woodworkers
With an enticing selection
of furniture, handcrafted wood and
vinyl fence and pergolas, arbors and
window boxes, mail posts, lantern
posts and much more.
Please stop by and take a look at
our large selection of outdoor
We carry lattice!
Greenhouse Tour
Our greenhouses are full of
beautiful flowering plants and are
open to the public. Stop by and
take a leisurely walk through and
get a glimpse of all the color and
wonderful smells.
Garden Center Hours
408 Washington St.
Pembroke, MA  02359

Monday - Saturday
8:00 to 5:30
9:00 to 5:30

Welcome to Gardeners' Choice

We chose our name to reflect our
goals of being the best garden
center on the South Shore of

We cater to gardeners of all
varieties. Our plants, trees,
shrubs and all our stock is the
healthiest around. Our full line of
products will help you complete
all your gardening needs.

We are working hard to live up to
our name. Come in and see all
the changes we have made to
better accommodate you.
Water Features
The outdoor water feature
has many elements that
can be easily adapted to
home gardens. Please
stop by to see and listen
to the beauty.
We do custom container
plantings, flower
arrangements, and
centerpieces with live
flowers for all occasions.
Please stop by or give us a
call for more information.
Here are two larger photos of our water features. You'll be
amazed at how easy they really are to set up. Come down
and check them out. They're up and running right now!
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Our plants, trees, shrubs and all our stock is the healthiest around. We have all of your gardening needs covered.

Tomatoes, eggplant, basil, peppers, annuals, impatiens, coleus, sweet potato vine, zinnias, petunias, thyme, basil, parsley, oregano, cannas, dahlias, colocasia, dracaena, cordyline, phormium, red lilly leaf beetles, lillies,
honeybees, bumblebees, onions

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